Dr. Jeff Jones
 SCSD #1 Superintendent
 School Improvement Representative
 Office: 307.655.9541

Welcome to Sheridan School District #1

Our mission is “Individual Success Through Education.”  This means each individual student and staff member in our district is important, valued, and supported as they work to achieve their greatest potential as a part of the Sheridan School District #1 team.  The measuring stick of our success is two-fold:  First, seeing each student achieve their maximum academic and personal growth potential while they are with us.  Secondly, ensuring each student is highly prepared to excel after they graduate from high school.  

Our district is located in Northeastern Wyoming and includes the communities of Big Horn, Ranchester, Dayton, Parkman, and the extending ranches and farms beneath the beautiful Big Horn Mountains.  We also have seven schools and an online virtual learning academy.  Our district’s reputation for academic excellence is a result of incredibly supportive communities (Big Horn and Tongue River), positive family-school partnerships, and a highly committed and skilled staff!  Ultimately, the immediate benefactors of this are the individual students in our district.  However, our local communities, and society in general, undoubtedly reap the benefits of the amazing collaborative work being done on behalf of our students!

As a parent, I understand the feeling of sending your child off to school and hoping they are safe, treated well, and will get a great education.  As the Superintendent of Sheridan School District #1, my pledge to you is to do everything I can each day to provide a learning environment that is safe, supportive, and grounded in high expectations for both students and adults.  Whether or not we achieve “Individual Success Through Education'' is not only dependent on what we choose to do, but also how we choose to go about it.  Our stakeholders have proven that when we approach the inevitable challenges along our shared path with an attitude of cooperation and mutual respect, we can create a world class educational experience for our students!   

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns, or things to celebrate!  My office is located in the central office building in Ranchester, or if you would prefer to call, my phone number is 655-9541 ext. 1132. Thank you for visiting our district website and….Go Rams and Eagles!


Jeff Jones, Ed. D.