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Public Availability of Suicide Prevention Training: 
W.S. 21-3-110(a)(xxxiii) reads in part, “…Suicide prevention education may consist of self-review of approved suitable materials.  The board shall make all suicide prevention materials and cases available to interested community members.”  Sheridan County School District #1 uses an online program through which follows the requirement of the Jason Flatt Act, requiring two hours of training about suicide each school year for school employees.

The goal of SafeSchools’ Youth Suicide: Awareness & Prevention Jason Flatt Act course, is to provide school employees with information that will help them reduce the likelihood of suicide among students in their school. This course offers school staff members an awareness-level understanding of the facts about and causes of youth suicide, basic principles of suicide prevention and planning for the aftermath in case of a suicide within the school community.

Common Themes of the training include:

• Teaching the facts about youth suicide
• Helping to better understand behaviors that may lead to suicide
• Providing successful strategies for youth suicide prevention
•Offering guidelines for intervention in the aftermath of a suicide

If you are interested in completing this online training, please contact Bridgett Ruttinger at the Sheridan County School District #1 Office (655-9541 ext. 1044 or and we will ensure you are enrolled in the course.