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BHE Kids Heart Challenge Kick-off
Starts 2/1/2021 Ends 2/25/2021
Location Big Horn Elementary
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Greetings from B.H.E. P.E.! This year our school will be taking part in the Kids Heart Challenge through the American Heart Association. Last year was our first year participating in this event and we raised over $12,000! We were second in the state behind Douglas Elementary School! Forty-seven students raised over $150 each which qualified them to dump slime on me! Due to Covid and our school shutdown last spring, we were unable to do the sliming but we have full intentions on making it happen this May during our end of the year celebration!

Our 2021 Kids Heart Challenge will kick off February 1st during your child’s P.E. class. It will run for the month of February and during that time, your child will be learning about children with special hearts, how to keep their own hearts healthy, and how to live healthy, active lifestyles. The Kids Heart Challenge is an educational fundraiser where participation is NOT required, however your child can still sign up, and do the educational challenges without having to raise any money.  If your child (and you) commit to being a part of the fundraising, you will simply follow the directions on the forms that your child will bring home from school on the day of the kick off.  Our goal is to raise $6000.00 as a school and any student who raises $150 or more will qualify to slime me once again! Prizes will be awarded throughout the month of February for participants as well. 

Kids Heart Challenge is a great way to learn and to support the American Heart Association and their efforts in research to keep our youth and society informed on heart healthy decisions. Through our fundraiser last year $850 was kicked back to our school for new and exciting P.E. equipment and I was also eligible to apply for a grant for additional equipment.  Our school was selected as a grant recipient and we received $3300.00 for even more equipment!  I am excited to kick off our challenge next week and I hope that your child and your family enjoy learning about how to stay healthy and active!! 


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions,




Leigh McLaughlin

BHE PE Teacher