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Homeschool Information

Last Updated: 6/16/2021 9:21 PM

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2021-2022 Homeschool Information

In accordance with Wyoming Statute §21-4-101(a)(v) a home-based educational program means a program of educational instruction provided to a child by the child’s parent or legal guardian or by a person designated by the parent or legal guardian.  An instructional program provided to more than one (1) family unit does not constitute a home-based educational program.   

Also in accordance with §21-4-102(b) a home-based educational program shall meet the requirements of a basic academic educational program as described above.  “It shall be the responsibility of every person administering a home-based educational program to submit a curriculum to the local board of trustees each year showing that the program complies with the requirements of this subsection.  Failure to submit a curriculum showing compliance is evidence that the home-based educational program does not meet the requirements of this section.”  For your convenience, we have included a link to Home School Reporting Form for reporting basic academic programs to be provided through home-based education.  We would ask that you complete and return this form for the 2021-2022 school year as soon as possible.   You may send it to the attention of Laurel Main, Sheridan County School District #1, P.O. Box 819, Ranchester, WY  82839.  If you have any questions, or if you would like a copy of the District Graduation Requirements or District Standards in the grade areas you are homeschooling, please call and speak with Laurel Main (307-655-9541).

We invite all families and students being home schooled to participate in some of the programs offered in School District #1.  There are several federally funded programs, such as Title I and Title VIB that can assist in serving all students living in our district.  During the course of the year, students in our district regularly take state and national assessments which help to determine their academic achievement.  Should you be interested in those assessments please contact the principal or counselor for details and schedules. 

We also encourage you to keep in touch with your local school so that you are aware of the many opportunities that are available to you and your child.  The District website offers information and links for all of our schools (, along with a District calendar. Our district guidelines state that, with the approval of the building principal, students who are being home schooled are encouraged to participate in activities and classes provided sufficient space and adequate supervision is available. 


Form for Reporting Home-Based Education Programs


Home School Resources


Participation in Secondary WHSAA Approved Activities:

If your child is interested in being involved in activities that are sanctioned by the Wyoming High Schools Activities the information below will advise you of the requirements for participation. 

  • Only home schools are eligible to join the Wyoming High School Activities Association as Affiliate Members (Homeschool is defined as a program of educational instruction provided to a child by the child’s parent or legal guardian or by a person designated by the parent or legal guardian.  An instructional program provided to more than one family unit does not constitute a homeschool.)
  • A homeschool must apply for Affiliate WHSSA Membership each year before the first competition of the appropriate fall, winter, or spring season.
  • Affiliate Members have no voting powers within the WHSSA
  • Affiliate Members must pay the enrollment fee each school year as outlined below:
    • One hundred dollar affiliate membership fee per homeschool.
    • The assessed WHSSA activity fee for each activity in which the Affiliate Member wishes to participate. (The fee is not charged to Affiliate Member Home Schools that enter into a combination school agreement as the visiting school.)
  • Affiliate Members must satisfy the statutory requirements of the State of Wyoming as specified for homeschool educational programs while an Affiliate Member of the WHSSA
  • Affiliate Member schools must abide by the WHSSA Constitution and all bylaws, rules, and regulations of the association.
  • The Affiliate Members students must meet the guidelines for activity participation required for all other students as defined in the current WHSSA Handbook.
  • The Affiliate home school student may establish academic eligibility through one of the following:
    • Attaining a composite score, not less than the twenty-fifth percentile on a national norm-referenced achievement test administered according to the guidelines established by the test in question.  The test score will be used to determine academic eligibility for one calendar year from the date of the results being received in the WHSAA office from the testing company.
    • Earning grades and assessments given by a teacher currently certified by the Professional Teaching Standards Board who must have a minimum of twenty class hours of contact with the Affiliate homeschool student per week.  These grades must meet WHSAA requirements 6.2.1 through 6.2.50.
  • Under a combination school agreement, an affiliate home school student may meet academic eligibility requirements by:
    • Submitting proof of work in agreement with and to host combination member school that demonstrates compliance with subject and class hour requirements at the same frequency as the academic eligibility of other students is determined at the member school.  Proof of work agreements may include requirements from the list above.

Remember that these are the requirements of the Wyoming High School Activities Association and though both high school principals can assist you in wading through the rules, it is the WHSAA who ultimately makes the final determination.