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iPad Information


Parents and Students
We need you to do some things for us to help in the set up and issuing of iPads as we start the school year. We plan to hand out iPads to students the second week of school and here are some things we need you to know and do:
1. Part of the registration is acknowledging that there will be a $25 fee for each student's ipad. Please bring that money to school the first day and turn it into the office. This is the premium for insurance through the district. If an iPad is damaged, a $50 deductible will then be paid for replacement.
2. Download, print, sign, and return the iPad Loan Agreement form. This form will be collect the first couple of days of school. This form is also available for viewing and printing from here
3. 7th-12th grade students (6th grade will be set up) should have created an Apple ID and password last year using the Wyo4life email from the district. Students need to verify, test, the Apple ID and password before receiving the ipad so that they may receive the Apps that will be downloaded. If they test, verify, reset the password as needed, before actually receiving the iPad, it will make the checkout procedure much more smoothly and ensure they are able to receive the Apps.
Apple ID and password verification can be checked at
When there, click manage id and follow instructions.

Write down your apple id and password, please have it when you check out your ipad. You will not be given an iPad until you apple id and passsword work.