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Rumor Watch


Sheridan County School District #1 is committed to open and honest communication with patrons, parents, students and staff. Truthful, reliable information is the foundation of this commitment.

We take rumors seriously. They can be damaging, they can make people nervous, they can create feelings of fear and dread. At best they waste time and make us less productive; at worst, they damage morale and chip away at the level confidence that community members have in their public schools.

Have you heard something that sounds too good to be true? Or does the word on the street make your blood boil? Send us what you've heard at rumorwatch@sheridan.k12.wy.us ... we'll track down the truth — good or bad — and post it on this page. (Keep in mind, submissions will be screened and/or edited prior to posting.)


May 2014

Comment:  I am an adjunct professor at Gillette College.  This past Spring semester I had several Big Horn High School students in my online General Psychology classes. Those students were truly a credit to your school.  Their work was often offered as examples of excellent work for others in the class.  They presented themselves well in discussion groups.  Each and every one of them was a joy to have in my classroom.  These young people were incredible ambassadors for your community.
Thank you for this opportunity to publicly commend them.

Nancy Preuit


March 2014

Question/Concern:  How does the hiring process in Sheridan County School District #1 work?

Response:  All positions are advertised as open until filled.  Applications are gathered and reviewed by adminstration.  Through the screening process applicants are selected to be interviewed.  The district recruits aggressively locally and across Wyoming.  In addition, the district recruits in South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, Colorado and Iowa.  The timeline for filling positions is based upon the quality of applicants and the need to act to ensure that quality applicants remain as part of the pool of candidates from which a selection can be made to ensure the best possible teacher can be hired for our district.


January 2014

Question/Concern:  I heard a rumor that there is a RFID tour with "Chippie" the implanted chip going across the US presenting information on having a chip implanted in a child's hand to alleviate children's fears of implantation.  Here is the link: http://national report.net/rfid-mascot-chippie-nationwide-tour/  The tour dates included Big Horn, WY on November 3, 2013.  Did this really happen?

Response: Thank you for submitting this question.  No, this did not happen.



December 2013

Question/Concern:  I read a post on facebook today that told of a little boy at TRE being charged with sexual harassment for kissing a little girl on the head. I believe that this TRE was mistakenly involved. This incident took place in Colorado. Wanted to let you know about the bad rap our district is getting.

Response: Thank you for your concern in setting the record straight.  You are correct, TRE was absolutely not involved in this incident.  This was also a story on Fox News that happened in a different part of the country.  Unfortunately, not everything posted on social media sites is correct but with the help of concerned parents/community members we can do our best to keep the facts straight while hopefully shedding light on the many positive things our students are doing.
Thank you!  We appreciate your concern.


Question/Concern:  Not sure where to address this but I am wondering if its true that Big Horns report cards were finished and printed before TRMS???? This makes my blood boil for many reason a few to name is TR held an honors assembly and could not honor our kids with their reward for being on the honor roll, Big horn does no,t and my daughter had a 4.0 and was very excited about and it wasn’t even honored. Sad smile    I want to know why Big Horn always comes before TR don't we deserve the same as them?? I think TR needs to hold an assembly to honors those kids who worked hard to receive the grades they did.. It is very important to them to be recognized especially now days that grades are hard to keep up......

Response:  Tongue River Middle School did not recognize the Honor Roll students at our 1st Quarter Honor's Assembly.  When we ran the grade cards the Standards-based grade was not calculating to the correct letter grade, for example, a 2 was reporting as an A and a 4 was reporting as a C.  The TRMS grade cards were mailed the week, of November 4-8 as soon as we were able to verify the represented the work the students were doing.  At the Honor's Assembly it was shared once the grade cards were complete that we would publish it in the paper and also handout the certificates.  The order in which the grade cards were fixed was Big Horn noticed it first, TRMS second, TRHS third.  We then hand checked every grade card by hand to make sure it was accurate, during this time we spent several days fixing those with mistakes by hand.  The grade cards were mailed home about a week and half after the quarter end.


December 2012

Question/Concern:  I really wish our school district would change spring break so that it is either the week before Easter or the week after Easter so that those traveling long distances (1,000 + miles) to be with our families could make those trips and continue to teach our children what holidays with extended family was about.

Response:  It is not our intent to have spring break at an inconvenient time of year however there are many students taking college classes along with their high school courses.  In order to allow all students to partake in a spring break vacation it has been common practice for SCSD #1 to have Spring Break the same week as Sheridan College.  


Question:  Is the school district paying to build a community center in Big Horn?

Response:  A couple of background items that might help set the stage.  Our Recreation District is the entity the purchased the property from the OALC (Old Apostolic Lutheran Church).  They had been in negotiations to purchase the property prior to the devastating fire that burned our bus barn in Big Horn.  The fire necessitated a speedier purchase than had originally been contemplated because the issue of who was to receive the insurance proceeds.  It had been the plan of the Recreation District to purchase the old building and property with donations and not a bank note.  However, that wasn’t an option once the old facility burned.  They are continuing to approach various local foundations to pay off the note in its entirety so that no Rec District funds will actually be used to pay off the note.  There are good indications that before their first payment is due that they will meet their goal.  The second thing to know is that the Rec District has reorganized themselves so that they are a grant giving organization instead of a programmatic one.  They intend to give their funds to groups that approach them i.e. TRVCC, our schools, YMCA, and others that can offer the programming without duplicating efforts and funding.  

Our involvement is fairly substantial at this point.  We (the school district) were the insured party on the building and therefore our responsibility is to rebuild the building using the proceeds from the insurance settlement.  Once the facility is constructed, we will turn it over to the owner (it would have been the OALC, but because the Rec District purchased the property this fall, it belongs to the Rec District.) who will operate it.  The Board of Trustees will select the Design/Build firm that will actually do the construction because they are the insured.  The recommendation will come from a working group that includes three members of the Rec Board, Supt., Business Manager, and one or two Board Members that will review the RFQ’s that we receive, decide on which firms to personally interview,  and make a recommendation to the school board at the December Board Meeting.  Again, all funds spent on this project will come from the insurance proceeds or donations received.

There is also the very exciting proposition from the Sheridan Community Tennis Association to construct two indoor tennis courts and pickleball courts on the same property.  These tennis courts are dependent upon funding that would be produced by the SCTA.   The project will be a wonderful addition to the Big Horn Community, much as was the TRVCC for the Dayton/Ranchester communities.

November 2012

Question:  I have heard that the students are able to visit any site they want with the iPads and the content is not filter.

Response:  All technology devices are run through a filtering system in Sheridan County School District #1.  Web filtering is a balancing act between blocking inappropriate content, keeping everyone safe and on track, and giving users access to engaging, educational content. With the Lightspeed Web Filter on our network, Sheridan County School District provides CIPA-compliant filtering based on a comprehensive education-specific database and granularly customizable policies; teachers and students get access to the sites and tools that enhance education. Filtering is provided on all devices that are accessed inside of the Sheridan County School District #1 Network. This includes iPads, iPods, Laptops, Desktops or any other device that utilizes our wireless or wired network.


October 2012

Question:  I have heard that lights were donated for the Big Horn football field and that they would be put up this summer.

Response:  No one has donated or given lights to Big Horn.  The Board has included lights for both Tongue River and Big Horn on the long range facilities plan.  If the Board decides to move forward the timing of purchasing and installing lights will depend on when the project could be done without effecting other programs in the district.


Question:  There is a rumor that Mr. Edwards, the previous Principal at Tongue River, has passed away.  There has been no notification in the Sheridan Press.  I am hoping this is just that, a rumor...

Response:  Unfortunately, Mr. Edwards passing is not a rumor.  We are unaware, nor are we at liberty to disclose exact cause of death.  We have included a link to his obituary below.  Mr. Edwards family and everyone that knew him are in our thoughts during this difficult time.

Please Click Here To View Obituary


September 2012 

Question: Is it true that iPads will be required for all students next year? Is it grade specific or just a dream?

Response: The district has implemented an Ipad initiative this year with our middle school students.  Next year we will implement Ipads at the high school level.  The Ipads serve several purposes including serving as a portal to web-based educational tools and providing an opportunity for students to apply what they are learning in the classroom.  Many textbook companies are also creating interactive textbooks for the Ipad.  Our vision is for the secondary students to have their textbooks on their Ipads.  This is more economical for the district and it is more user friendly for the students.  Our elementary students will have access to several pieces of technology.  However, Ipads will not be distributed to them to take home.  

We are excited about the learning opportunities that this initiative provides to our students.