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TRHS Booster Club


We support your kids, come support us!

Please Join Us!!

The TRHS Booster Club meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at TRVCC-Dayton beginning at 6:30 PM


Proposed Constitution Change:
We propose to renumber the Articles of the Constitution so they are in numeric order.  
We propose to change Article VI, Item 3 to say:
All minutes of the meetings shall be available to view digitally (i.e., email, google docs, website) 5 days prior to the monthly meetings.  Approval of the minutes as posted will be voted on for acceptance at the regular monthly meetings.


Please contact a Booster Club member if you are interested
in purchasing a STADIUM SEAT!

New Shirts Available:!!

  Kids sizes and Adult sizes are available



Questions? Contact Nancy Johnston - 461-1835

Additional Info

2015-2016 Booster Club Officers

Nancy Johnston - President

Kirsten Sharp - Vice President

Michelle Keller - Secretary

Lisa Balstad - Treasurer


Updated 12/9/14


2016 Minutes
March 22, 2016
February 9, 2016



2015 Minutes